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These are some of the A. C. Gilbert Erector Sets that I have in my collection at this time.

The Amusement Park Set 10˝
The Amusement Park Set 10˝ builds the "Giant Parachute Jump"  "Merry-Go-Round." 
The Automotive Set 9˝
The Automotive Set 9˝ builds the "Giant Parachute Jump".  This one is in a Royal Blue Box.
The All-Electric Set 8˝
Builds the giant Ferris wheel, Dump Truck and Bascule bridge.  There are two sets made about 10 years apart.  Look at the great difference in the boxes.
The Engineer's Set 7˝
The Engineer's Set (No 7˝) featured the boiler and electric engine with gearbox and built walking beam engine.
The Set That Builds The Chassis  7˝
The Set That Builds The Chassis (7 ½ ) builds over 809 different models and feature the "White Truck".
The 1˝ Set
The smallest set I own.
The Sensational 6 ½
The Sensational No.6˝ has the boiler and builds the "Walking Beam Engine"
The Electric Engine Set 6 ½ or 10051
Featured the A 49 Electric Motor and built the Airplane Ride. 
The American Science Series
The American Science Series was was sold through Montgomery Wards®....
The Master Builder Set. 10093
The set Can Build the "Mysterious Walking Giant Robot".
The Amusement Park Set. 10083
This set featured truck parts giant flywheel and many others.
The Steam Engine Set. 10062
Built the "Walking Beam Engine".
The Ferris Wheel Set. 10072
The is the predecessor of the Musical Ferris Wheel set.
The Rocket Launcher Set.
Three different versions of this set 10052,10053,10201.
The Automatic Radar Scope Set
The Automatic Radar Scope Set (10042) featured the 3 volt DC motor and built the radar scanner.
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