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The book shows countless combinations that can be built. It looks like everything is here. Includes all the books and paperwork. The motor runs and everything is in great condition. The case looks very nice, but is missing one snap.

175usd7.jpg (31975 bytes) Their is little to no rust on this set.

This set is not inventoried and may not be complete.

If you look close there are parts that do not belong in this set.  There are from sets from the late 60's.

This set sold for $175.00.



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Blue Box 7 1/2 erector set.

The often missing tin house and boiler with the top are included. This is a played with set. Working motor. Parts still in boxes. It looks to be all there. Includes instruction book for several different sets. The section for 7 1/2 is not included. Decal on inside of box is bright and clear. Portion of decal on outside of box is missing.

This set sold for $49.00


Gilbert Erector Set ~~ No. 7 ~~

The World's Greatest Construction Toy! A nice vintage ca. 1950's set in played with condition. This Gilbert Engineer 7. Set comes in its original red painted steel box,. Many parts and How to Make'em Instruction Booklet.

This set did not sell, asking price was $19.99

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